Virtual Cocktail Hour

I was full of ideas today at work. This happens now and again. Normally I spend hours or days thinking the ideas over before letting them lose on to others. My two main fears with ideas is that people will think they are totally stupid or they have already been thought of and I should have known that. Part of my ‘Trust in Yourself’ mantra is to ignore these feelings and just send the ideas out there, no matter what. Well, lately the ideas haven’t been forthcoming until yesterday and today. A few were on how I can help other members of the team with their workloads but the rest where real ideas. The first idea was for adding more personal info to our company newsletter that is sent out to anybody who wants it. On the lines of announcing all the babies born within the company lately. That idea was well received. Tick, job done.

My second idea is for an internal newsletter to be created. I’ve got a meeting tomorrow with the HR manager about our wiki so I will mention this idea to her. As most of my colleagues work from home, here in the UK and all over the States, there is sometimes that sense of not knowing what is going on. There is only two of us in the London office but I’m sure we know more of what is going on then if we were both sitting at home talking to ourselves. Working from home has its benefits but to me it does give a very disjointed view of the company as a whole. Monthly company conference calls are great but I really only know what is going on in my team and a few bits I hear from the other London office based colleague. A newsletter might bridge this gap especially until our new wiki/intranet is up and running. My other great idea which I came up with while chatting in the chat room was a virtual cocktail hour meeting. Because of the time difference between us all it would have to be a 9pm event for the UK team and an afternoon meeting for the Americans. An hour of getting together while having a drink (non-alcoholic for those who want to) but it could make the call quite fun. It would be good to have everyone go around the room and say what they are drinking. Or we all tell a joke each. Of course the meeting wouldn’t be compulsive and I guess it would be the usual suspects attending but it would be nice to talk to colleagues without the agenda of work. Now I need to find out if this is a good idea from the big bosses, they might not be keen to have half their workforce tipsy in the afternoon.


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