A large closet

That is what I would like – a large closet. On the lines of a small bedroom or like the one in the Sex and the City film where Big builds Carrie a huge closet. The one problem I have is that in the UK house builders don’t think of these handy rooms unless I had the money to buy a six-bed detached for a few million then I would expect a closet to be in at least one of the bedrooms. In most houses there is just about room for two wardrobes in a bedroom but I’m lucky as I have a study/dressing room. That is the beauty of having a three-bed house for just two people – lots of spare rooms. In my study/dressing room is three wardrobes and a desk. I just about got all of those in to the small room but it still feels like I could do with another wardrobe for my dresses and coats.

This morning I had a bit of a clear out of my wardrobe and found some of my summer clothing on the top shelf. I’m not good at throwing clothes out and have a silly habit of sticking the clothes that I know I won’t wear again in the loft in a big plastic bag. Only to find them still in the big plastic bags years later and looking rather out of date. Also, sadly many of the items I won’t get in to again… size 8 is now out of my league especially on my pear shaped body. The discovery of good food at the age of 30 does that to one. While doing this I decided that to have my own closet that was off the bedroom would be one of my dreams in life. A dream I doubt I would ever get but to have that little fantasy of wall to wall hanging space with shelving for tops, shoes and bags is wonderful. That and my own bathroom. Wouldn’t that be great to have my own bathroom with a big deluxe power shower that is always free when I want it to be. Happy Friday!

Tidy wardrobe

Tidy wardrobe


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