Ooh Danone

Feeling a bit bloated this evening so maybe I need some of that yoghurt with some Bifidus ActiRegularis (how much did someone get paid to make that up, I wonder!) and go around singing “Ooh Danone” or maybe I shouldn’t have eaten two cakes as well dinner earlier. Also, a beer on top doesn’t help! A peppermint tea will help. In my usual hypochondriac way of course I have a serious illness or it could be an inflection from the angry spot that is on my belly (I’m sure you didn’t want to know that) and if I’m ill that means I might have to go to the doctors, which is hell on earth for me. This is where I need to reprogramme my mind to think that there is nothing wrong with me and that I’ve just eaten too much crap today.  It’s hard especially as I’ve been feeling tired and not quite right this afternoon. I need to do some deep breathing and maybe drink some cocktails to calm my over imaginative mind.

On a much brighter note I had my first piano lesson today. It was fun but I was nervous for some reason at the same time.  I have talked about learning to play the piano for years but never done anything about it. I suppose it must be part of my mid-life crisis that caused me to sit up and go out and find a teacher. My teacher is only 18 but really friendly and great at teaching an old dog new tricks. Still, it was hard work for my slow brain to pick up this new hobby but I have my work book for homework on remembering the notes and I bought myself a mini keyboard as well so I can practice the five notes that I learned this morning. Not sure how this is going to go but I hope it will be fun.


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