Motivation at work or should I say lack of it

I’m kind of thinking that I shouldn’t really write this but I need to get it off my chest and hopefully my ramblings will help with finding a solution. There are many things that I would like to get off my chest but diplomacy is needed sometimes. Anyway, this is about my lack of motivation at work. I get my everyday jobs done and spend the whole day working but I don’t leave the office feeling like I’ve done a job well done or that I’ve made a difference to the company (or maybe that should be world!). I’ve turned into a robot, a lazy one at that as I’m getting up later and later for work. I now get to work around 9.30-45 when I used to get to work for 9am… truthfully I’ve never been a morning person so let’s say 9.10am. Still I will work late to make the time up and it is easier this way so I can be in touch with my American colleagues more.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have a huge team to talk to face-to-face anymore or because I don’t really have one thing on my list of jobs that is purely mine to manage. Maybe I do but they are so small that I can’t actually think of them at this particularly moment in time. Most of my jobs are admin or website tasks and occasionally I get to do something exciting like design a graphic for the website. Though this isn’t as often as I would like. My other thought on this is why can’t I be like the simpletons (that’s a terrible word really but hey, I’m being controversial) out there who do their nine to five job, doing the same work everyday without it ever bothering them. They go to work then get home without complaining or feeling bored about work. This is a shame as I do like my work/company but I’m not sure how to change my lack of motivation. I’m glad that I’ve got an Open Evening at Birkbeck College on Thursday to help me decide on some learning, maybe that will help me carve out a career and that might kick start my motivation.


1 Response to “Motivation at work or should I say lack of it”

  1. 1 jonathan July 12, 2009 at 6:52 pm

    Well, set up some targets for your own achievement. That will help you be motivated and keep on track, just like what I’m doing with my online job. Thank you.

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