Random Thoughts and Running

Most of the time I write my blog on the way home on the train using my iPod touch but lately I haven’t, so I end up sitting on the sofa with my laptop at 9:30 at night trying to think of interesting things to write about. I have lots of ideas and thoughts while at work or while sitting on the train but after running and dinner I have real trouble with getting going on my writing. This is why I write so many Random Thoughts posts… because they are so random! I think tomorrow will be a Random Thought post as I will have to write that either in work (naughty) or on the way home after a night out at Birkbeck College followed by some drinks.

My running is coming along – this is where I hide in shame at the small amount of running that I actually do but I’m not in to lying so I won’t. I’m just running from my house to the next street and back past my house. At first I didn’t take note of how long I was running and I’ve gradually built up the length by running to the next lamp post or tree. This week I have started timing myself and my next goal is to run for 10 mins in total. I was running for 7 mins 30 seconds and then I increased my run so I was running for 8 mins 10 seconds. Great I thought as it is only 2 mins extra to get to my target. Yesterday, I did the same run in 7 mins 51 seconds and today it was 7 mins 48 seconds. I’m pleased that I’m getting faster but I can see my target getting further away. This can only be good and I have noticed a difference in how far I can run before my legs start to feel the pain of running. My motto at the moment is ‘nice and slow’ just like the tortoise from the Hare and the Tortoise story.


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