What would you take?

Sometime last week I was reading something like a blog or a news article but I can’t remember where or who, that is one problem with reading online – the information flies in and out of your memory so quickly that it is sometimes impossible to remember where the source of that information came from.  Anyhow, this article was talking about what you would take with you if you only had the boot (or trunk, which means it must have been an American article) of your car to fit everything in. The comments from the general public were interesting with most people saying books, clothes, laptops, music etc, and this got me thinking about what I would take. Of course this would depend on the boot of your car – in a mini it would be tricky to take anything of real quantity but if it was a large BMW estate then the kitchen sink could come to.

So without much of a do, here is my list:

MacBookPro (and charger)
iPod touch and speakers
Windproof fleece
Lots of t-shirts
Contact lenses
Rosebud Salve
Large fleece blanket
Large bath towel
Notebook and pens
Some books
Dark Chocolate
Cocktail shaker
Bottle of beers

Surprisingly most things are materialistic and I could easily buy again – interesting!


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