Up and down

Today has been one of those days were I have been up and down, left and right, and then all over the place. Woke up this morning feeling tired after another warm night and not really feeling the urge to travel on the train in to London.  Still, I got in to my routine and got ready for work. As the weather has been so warm and with temperatures reaching 31C at midday I decided to wear a skirt. Eek, the white legs were out and about all day. Actually the journey in to work wasn’t too bad and then I decided to spend the morning doing some office management chores especially as my colleague wasn’t in the office this morning so I could make lots of noise and mess. I managed to empty the last of the boxes, sort out the recycling, put a ton of old phones (from the old office) in to boxes, much neater than black big bags, cancel some old phone lines and sort out a few emails that I’ve been meaning to do for a few weeks now. It actually felt like I did some real work this morning as I wasn’t sitting in front of the laptop all the time. Making some phone calls was novel as well.

At lunchtime I went out and about in Covent Garden to purchase a present for my best friend’s birthday and then had a quick browse in Ted Baker, summer sales are so much better than the winter sales. Cooked smoked salmon with pasta and rocket for lunch and then I caught up with my American friend/colleague who was back from holiday – lots of talk about music from both of us! Then I spent the afternoon catching up on my usual website updates that I normally do in the morning and at 4.30pm I had my usual team meeting. For some reason my confident was starting to dwindle over this call, not really sure why but as the time got nearer the more I started to worry about it and oddly during the call when I really wanted to join in with the general conversation (and I had things to say), I just couldn’t do it. My heart started pounding and I could just feel myself clam up. Even when I did say something afterwards I felt like I had spoken too quickly and quietly.  Oh well. Luckily I had some quick turn around work to do so that took my mind off things and I left work late but feeling quite happy.  So, I got home late, dinner was almost ready and husband wasn’t pleased when I said I would like to go for a run – if looks could kill or moods for that matter! Decided not to go for a run but boy, it did put me in a foul mood. Now I’m writing this and slowly I’m feeling better in myself. As I said at the beginning today has been a real up and down day.


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