Not much going on…

In my head anyway, as I can’t think of much to write about except for the fact that the BBC doesn’t sell a DVD of all the great videos from Glastonbury. Shame on them. Unless I’m missing something and in fact if they do someone please let me know. As the BBC has all these strict rules about copying videos I can’t even see them on YouTube again – boo! Anyway, I’ll watch them as much as I can on the BBC site until they take them off especially the Bon Iver set which was just wonderful.

Other random thoughts on a good note – pay day was yesterday; the weather is still hot, scorchio hot it is; air conditioned office; I’m looking forward to seeing Blur at Hyde Park on Friday; I’m going shopping for cocktail additions tomorrow lunchtime; my running is improving and surprisingly Andy Murray is doing well at the tennis. Bad notes – too hot on the tube; too hot at night to sleep. No matter what the weather us Brits do like to complain about it – snow, rain, lack of rain (hose pipe bans), wind, cloudy, sun (heatwave). Ah well.


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