Blur at Hyde Park

On Friday I went to see Blur at Hyde Park – all those months ago when I somehow managed to get tickets for the event I never thought it would be as good as it was. Now I knew it would be great, I’ve saw Blur play live at Kilburn Ballroom back in the early 90s just after the release of their first album. The room was small with about 200 people in it and they were just fantastic.  The Hyde Park event was of course on a slightly bigger scale with thousands of people there and also a great support line-up.  My friend and I got to the park at about 4.30pm just as Deerhoof were on the stage. A band I had never heard of before and slightly odd but good to listen to while eating some nachos in the shade. Then my husband managed to find us in the park just in time for Florence and the Machine. She has a fab voice and it was good to see the band live as well. Then came on Vampire Weekend, who were just great and really got the crowd going. By this time we had moved to be nearer the stage amongst the crowds. I love the Vampire Weekend album and it was wonderful to hear it live and also to hear some new songs. These new songs were just as good so that will be an album worth getting when released.

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend

Then Blur appeared on the stage – the crowd went wild! They played all their hits like Parklife (with Phil Daniels appearing), Song 2, She’s so High, There’s No Other Way, Beetlebum, Coffee and TV and loads more, 25 songs to be exact. They were just great – very emotional during Coffee and TV and Out of Time, a big sing along to Tender and lots of jumping up and down to Song 2.  My late teenage crush for Damon Albarn is back with full force and now I would love to see them again in a much smaller environment. Blur themselves seemed overwhelmed by the whole event and Damon was lost for words at how many people were there supporting them with this big comeback. I wonder if they will write new songs, not that I mind as long as they keep playing gigs now and again.  It definitely was a brilliant night out even in the overcrowded park and the nightmare journey home but something I will always remember with happy thoughts.



Damon on the large screen

Damon on the large screen


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  1. 1 thespiralscratch May 12, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    Interesting piece, you may want to check out my related post and review of Blur’s Parklife album.

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