Horses for courses

Where does that phrase come from? Anyway, I’m talking about courses and learning new things. I’ve already written about choosing history for a degree but I thought I should update with what I’m actually going to study. I’m now a student at the Birkbeck University of London and once I get a passport size photo done I can get a student card, which means discount in some clothes shops – hee! I have registered and paid for a 22 week evening course in Medieval History. This course will give me points that will go towards a Certificate in History.  It doesn’t start until October so in the meantime I been thinking about all the other things I would like to learn before this starts.

HTML/CSS is definetly one subject I would like to master as is graphic design using Adobe Illustrator. At the City Lit they have short courses to learn these and at the weekends, so as fast as I’m earning my money the quicker I seem to be spending it. Also, at City Lit I found a weekend course on dressmaking – three Sundays in a row on how to make a skirt. I would love to do this as well but I feel I might be pushing myself with too much and also I can ask my mum to teach me dressmaking as she used to make lots of our clothes while growing up.  As well as piano lessons on a Saturday morning, I’m filling up every spare moment that I have to learning – at least it is in subjects that I like, unlike some lessons at school!


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