Random thoughts and rants

Not often, as I’m busy reading or writing this blog on the train but sometimes I will casually gaze out the window especially from Fenchurch Street to West Ham. This is the interesting section – the heart of the city and east end with Canary Wharf in the distance. Canals with footpaths, old buildings Victorian buildings and the odd bit of greenery. The diversity of this small patch of land is wonderful to me from the Victorian pub standing on it’s own next to a 50s built housing block. Of course any small patch of empty land is being built on with massive new tower blocks and slowly I feel my view from the train will be obscured by these monstrosities. Shame and what is a real shame is seeing that the old Victorian school is finally being knocked down. OK it looked like it had been empty for years but, still it was a piece of wonderful architecture and should have been saved.

Other random thoughts – the whole Michael Jackson funeral/concert thing is a bit weird (as in life and in death). That’s all I’m going to say on the matter. It’s four years since the 7/7 bombings and it still gets to me. As I’m no longer working in the Farringdon area I don’t go through Aldgate station anymore so I don’t have daily reminders of that day but it is definitely a morning I won’t forgot. Now for a rant, well about 20 minutes ago I was going to have a full on rant about my husband and his petty ways (which I blame on him being a middle child) but after a small dose of the sweet medicine of St Germain, I’m feeling much calmer now so I won’t fall in to that nasty side of me that only ventures out at rare occasions. Ignoring him in my own petty way is best for us all at the moment, anyway I’ve got Glastonbury highlights to see listen to via the BBC iPlayer.


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