I was about to burst in to song with Frankie Goes To Hollywood but I won’t put through the pain of my so-called singing (not that I know how to publish podcasts on here anyway). I’m talking about chilling out, relaxing, being calm. I have great difficulty in feeling chilled out and normally it takes either a few drinks or a long holiday for me to feel relaxed but as soon as I’m back to normal life then all my neuroses come back.  As I’m writing this I think I have written about this before, oh well.  The past few days I can feel the knots creeping back in to my shoulders and neck as I get myself worked up over nothing. Sitting at my desk doesn’t really help as my shoulders are up around my ears (as my old yoga teacher used to say) and I can sleep in a tension state, usually waking up with jaw ache because I have put all my stress in my face while sleeping.

Now I have Friday off and I keep thinking I should use this time to obviously get some chores done but also maybe do something relaxing like have a facial or massage. My hairdresser also recommended trying some Reiki to help me calm down and she gave me a leaflet for her therapist. I’ve been looking at this leaflet all day wondering if I should book an appointment for Friday. The problem I have is that I get so nervous nowadays before I try anything new that it doesn’t seem worthwhile, will I be able to relax anyway? And that is where the problem actually lies – if I’m relaxed does that mean my defences are down and then what, well nothing I suppose but my brain won’t know what to do if  I’m not in a high state of anxiety.  My other fear is that I might feel unwell or something odd happens, again I don’t know why I would think this but I hate the idea of illness or something wrong that it scares me (to death if I don’t stop worrying).  Right I’m going to make a good decision and see if I can get the courage to book an appointment for Friday.

UPDATE: I have a mini facial and 15 mins of Reiki booked for Friday morning!

1 Response to “Relax!”

  1. 1 Nicola July 9, 2009 at 10:38 am

    Hi Michelle,

    I find Reiki very relaxing and I have taken a Reiki practioner Level 1 course. I hope you find it beneficial. Look forward to hearing about it. Nicola

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