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My form of catching the news is by checking the BBC news website during the day and watching breakfast TV in the mornings while getting ready.  I don’t watch the news programmes in the evening or read the newspapers in the morning (except on a Sunday) so in honest truth I don’t really follow the news that much. I feel I should be more up to date with current affairs but in my current state of mind I find it all too depressing or worrisome, but the bits of news that I do read or hear often get my back up. Like the current state of Newquay in Cornwall. Last week a 16-year-old died after falling off a cliff while drinking. A terrible shame for the parents and friends of this young lad but what got on my nerves was the fact that the father was on breakfast TV this morning saying that the local police should be managing the area better. Basically stopping the youngsters drinking.

Part of me is saying why aren’t the parents doing more to control their kids and drinking. The family weren’t from Newquay so I assume the 16-year-old was on holiday, on his own with friends? Or with his parents who had let him out on his own? Not saying that kids should stay at home or not go out drinking but at that age accidents will happen. I had to wait until I was 18 and had ID before I go out drinking but even in those days young people died for being drunk and doing silly things. Just because it happened in an area where a lot of young people go for the summer it is the authorities to blame. That is my point, this blame culture. Everyone has to blame someone else for everything that goes wrong. I am sorry that a child has died and there will be more stories like this for eternity, people will be silly at times and sometimes there is no one to blame.


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