Tiredness catching me up

I’m a night person, definitely not a morning person. Not that I’m miserable in the mornings (well I think so but others might disagree), it just takes me ages to actually get out of bed. I would rather spend the last minute possible in bed before having to get up. Still, I can tell I’m getting older because I can’t spend all day in bed like I used to as a teen. I think 9am in the morning is about as late as it gets nowadays and that is with a late night. The problem with being a night person is that I can be absolutely knackered at some point in the day and then when it gets to about 10pm at night I’m wide awake and full of energy. I suppose having dinner as late as 8pm doesn’t help either.

So now I’m sitting here feeling tired after a run and then dinner trying to think of interesting or witty subjects to write about. Can’t you tell that I couldn’t think of anything interesting or witty to write about because I’m writing about being tired. Anyway, what I really need is an early night so here is my plan: finish my blog by 9pm, wash the dishes and fill up the dishwasher, piano practice or theory practice and book a hotel for my USA holiday, then I’m going to get ready for bed and read my book in bed. Hopefully lights out by 10.30pm – now wouldn’t that be nice!


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