Ambition and stress

I might have the ambition to want to do lots of things and get ahead in life but I need to learn to control my stress levels. Today was a prime example of “losing it”. The day started off well even after a crap nights sleep, early to bed last night worked great until I woke up at three in the morning (or night as I like to think) and then just couldn’t get back to sleep properly. A restless night with dreams about hotels and swine flu. As I was saying, the morning went well and then after lunch I started on the CRM work that I’m covering while my colleague is on holiday. This is the same work that stressed me out so much last time but thankfully it’s only for two weeks. The past couple of days I’d only managed to get a couple of requests done owning to doing my own work. Of course, this meant the email requests were stacking up thick and fast.

So, I thought I would be good and spend all afternoon clearing the decks especially as there is a new system that is in beta to do with this work. Three hours later I was feeling the stress levels rising (as before) and I’ve had still not managed to clear everything. Having extra jobs (my own work) inbetween didn’t help matters and before I knew it I thought I was going to cry. This made me just angry with myself and grumpy. I tried the whole deep breathing thing but that didn’t help at the time. Going to the toilet, basically to get away from my desk seemed the only thing to do and it did help. At 7pm I left the office with requests still to do but I wouldn’t be very useful if I stayed to finish them off. I need to find a solution to my stress issues otherwise it will keep plaguing me forever. Still, on a brighter side, doing this sort of work makes my mundane normal work seem quite nice.


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