Music and books

The past few days I’ve been looking for some new music to listen to and using Spotify is a great way to listen to it, then I can decide if it is worth buying.  My only problem is that I kind of judge an album by its first song, which I know isn’t the right way to do things. Some albums can take a good few listens before they become really good. Of course there are a few albums that are fabulous from the start but these can be rare.  So with the help from friends, fellow bloggers and watching lots of festivals on the BBC, I’ve been trying out lots of different bands and singer/songwriters. The following have been favourites over the past few weeks: Empire of the Sun; The Envy Corps; White Lies and Jenny Lewis – all purchased now. On Spotify I’ve been listening to Seasick Steve; Phoenix; Kasabian; Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Paolo Nutini.  I’ve been listening to Blur a lot lately as well but I wouldn’t call them new music. I’m going to have to wait for payday to purchase most of these albums but at least by then I might have decided if I like them that much to buy them.

Today, I was looking at my History course reading list, my God it is long but thankfully it does say that I don’t have to read them all. There is a couple that seem worth buying, one of study skills and the other on Medieval History, so I did what I normally do when buying books (if I’ve got time to buy them online that is, otherwise I’m normally in Waterstones in my lunch hour) and went straight to Amazon. Jeez, these books are pricey and as my colleague in work said lucky I’m not studying medicine.  Both books are published by Palgrave, who are part of Macmillan (huge publishers). I went on the Palgrave site to see if the books were any cheaper and of course they weren’t, which to me seems a bit stupid. The actual publishers price themselves out the market. Most people I know would go to Amazon to buy a book or search on Google for the best price. Maybe the publishers think only libraries buy from their site and in bulk. Anyway, I might ask one of my friends who works at Macmillan to see if I can get a discount… hee hee!

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