A waste of a day… maybe

I had the day off today and I had great plans on what I wanted to do with my day off. Clean the house, laundry, baking cookies, tidying up my study, food shopping, piano practice, finish booking items for holiday and doing something creative.  Unfortunately after my anxious few days I didn’t really manage to do much. I got up late after sleeping through to 8.30 am and then had a lazy breakfast of porridge and toast. I put some washing on and before I knew it was 11 am. I had a back massage booked for 1 pm but the therapist cancelled, which oddly I felt quite relieved about. This meant I could jump in the shower and get ready properly before having lunch. Dishwasher on and then I went out shopping for some food. Also, I went in to one of the many local charity shops looking for china cups but they only had sets and at £25 I didn’t like them that much.  Food shopping done and then back home to rescue my almost dry clothes from the washing line as the weather decided to rain while I was out.

The afternoon was a lot better for me – physically and mentally. Even the food shopping helped as it got me out the house and made me concentrate on something else apart from my own selfish worries.  A cup of Earl Grey and a piece of cake helped as well. I managed to read my piano theory book for about 30 minutes as well – got a bit confused after a while. I will definitely be re-reading those first 16 pages again tomorrow. Then I started on dinner, roasting vegetables for a lasagne. I love making lasagne but it takes ages so I only make it when I have the time. So that was my day –  I feel like I didn’t achieve much but I did relax a bit and tried not to over do anything. So hopefully with a day of doing not very much I will feel a lot better mentally and physically tomorrow so I can get some nice things done like sanding down the second-hand bookcase. Happy Friday everyone!


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