Nothing new to report

Not that I can think of, that is. Still feeling a bit odd and very tired. Worry does make one feel so very tired and lethargic a lot.  I did manage to do something today though like sanding down the small bookcase that I had purchased second-hand a few weeks ago. I also met up with a friend and went for tea and cake, well my friend had an iced coffee instead of tea. A bit more shopping in my local town was involved and I got a summery white dress that should be perfect for my holiday.

Home grown spuds - complete with mud

Home grown spuds - complete with mud

Other excitement today was the digging up of some of our potatoes which we are having tonight for dinner. The rest of the vegetables are doing really well especially the courgette and pumpkin – I was most excited about the flowers on the pumpkin. If they produce good vegetables that will be another thing.  I’ve also been practicing my keyboard skills and trying to learn the notes – a lot more practice is needed in this area! I keep forgetting that tomorrow is Sunday as I had Friday off it feels like today is Sunday – excellent news.  Now for some alcohol to help with chilling out.



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