The Great Breakfast Debate

It’s not really a debate, except in my own mind as I need to decide if to start having breakfast at home before travelling in to work. This all stems from a conversation that I had in the work chat room about breakfast and what time I have it. Since I can remember I have had breakfast at work, be it porridge or toast and before moving offices to Covent Garden it was always breakfast time around 9am. Nowadays, I don’t get in to work until 9.30 and by the time I’ve been to the communal kitchen area, it’s normally 9.45am or 10.00am before I eat. This could be a good reason why I’m so weak and tired in the mornings. Duh! Also, I’m really hungry by 11.30am which is odd as I have only just eaten about an hour and half ago.

So, do I get up earlier or get in work later so I can have some food before leaving the house? Do I have just a quick bit of fruit and then get some toast on the way in to work? Or I could have porridge or toast at home? The real problem is trying to fit this in to my routine in the mornings – I’m on autopilot when getting ready so to remember to make breakfast and eat it before dashing out the door will be the challenge. Another little experiment for me to try out then. Today’s experiment on trying to face my fear of worry and panic seemed to work out OK. I still had moments when I felt not quite right and weak but eating some food like a banana or a nectarine helped. I just felt exhausted by the time I got home though and it took me a good 30 minutes to calm down and feel normal again so I could cook dinner. Lets just hope things improve as the week goes on with my positive thinking.


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