Random thoughts on today and events

It is one of those days were I have left it too late to write anything and now I can’t think of any good things to note down. So here are some random thoughts: I’m feeling slightly better than I did at the beginning of the week, not so dizzy or light headed. I still have my moments when I think I should be worrying about something.  One day I will get my mind sorted and cleared all of these worries. Inner peace – that’s what I need. I’ve only got three weeks until I go away for the weekend to the Lake District. I’m really looking forward to getting some fresh air and being offline for a few days. Other exciting news is that I have a teeny weeny pumpkin on my pumpkin plant (which is handy otherwise it would be a marrow) and two courgettes as well. Oddly it is quite fun seeing these grown and soon they will be big – will I be able to let them leave the nest (so I can eat them)!

Work has been quite interesting of late – lots of things going on with an event we are organising. Lots of swearing going on about it as well and surprisingly not from me! Not yet anyway. It looks like I might be attending the event in Dublin to be the ‘right-hand man’ to the Events Director – scary stuff and if you read my blog back in February I spent a good few times complaining about event organising. Still, I’m taking this trip in a more positive way by thinking of all the good things that could come out of it. A trip to Dublin, a stay in a very nice hotel, maybe a spa treatment, cocktails and nice food, fresh air, a chance to see friends who live in Ireland (and maybe Northern Ireland) and see some of my US colleagues who I haven’t see in a while. Also, it’s a chance to get out my office in Covent Garden but that is a whole other story that might write about one day.


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