Getting round to things

I suppose it is procrastination but these are things that are fun things to do. Still I haven’t got round to doing them. These things are booking the last reminding hotel, car hire and insurance for my Minnesota holiday, book the crafty arty classes that I would like to do in October, purchase some music on iTunes with a gift card that I have, getting my sewing machine out of its box and maybe do some sewing. I can understand with jobs like ironing and tidying up my study/dressing room but the other stuff is quite easy and not boring at all. I know that looks like a list but hopefully I will get some of these things done at the weekend.

Talking of the weekend, I haven’t looked forward to having some time off as I did today – this week has been a mixture of good and bad days, feeling OK one minute and not the next. I’m just glad that I made it through today and now I’m at home enjoying chilling out on my own for a few hours before having an early night. How sad is that when on a Friday night I just want to go to bed early, but with many nice things to do at the weekend I don’t want to feel tired, weak and lethargic like I did last weekend. Happy Friday everyone.


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