Oh so quickly

Just a quick one tonight (tee hee!) as I’m off to sleep soon but I can’t stop my addiction of writing this blog. One of these days I will stop writing this, when I’m too busy to think about myself and what to moan/whine about or I move to a remote island that has no internet. No internet – not sure I could handle that as I too many friends that I communicate with via the net. One of the many blogs that I read now and again has stop writing after one year – I think many only write for a year as some sort of test to see if they can do it a whole year.

This evening I was out with friends for a meal at a Chinese buffet – it was a great time, lots of checking up and it was just really nice to meet up with old friends. I actually felt normal during the whole meal and everything until just before I got home. Then I felt lightheaded/tired again – now this is an odd development in my whole anxiety issues as I’m normally can’t wait to be at home. I’m not sure if I felt like this because I was so relaxed while out and being back home made me tense again or it was because I was chilled out that my body couldn’t cope and that’s what made me feel odd. Well, now I’m just rambling again about myself – sometimes this blog is so self-centred.


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