One of my tweets today was “or is it time for a career change? maybe I could look after bees or an Inn – a keeper of something” in one of those moments when I wondered what the hell I was doing with my life.  Not really sure a beekeeper is one of the things I would like to do but innkeeping could be fun. Many years ago I looked in to the idea of owning a bed and breakfast in the Lake District – I think that idea was a way of moving to the Lakes but after much research it seemed a lot of hard, repetitive work for not much return. It would just about pay for the mortgage and bills and after speaking to one of the owners of a B&B that we stayed in once, there didn’t seem to be much time to actually enjoy the Lakes.

Still, it is an idea that I would like to try one day, or own an Inn or at least have a self-catering property. Maybe it is the idea of decorating rooms that I don’t live in that I’m most interested in. Picking out the paint, wallpaper, fabric for curtains and bedding, accessories etc. Watching the Hotel Inspector is something that I enjoy watching and it gives a good insight in how hard work it is to be an Innkeeper but maybe one day I’ll get to try it out, most probably when I’m retired and have no mortgage to pay for.  Or we could just move to the Lake District anyway – a bit of a long commute but mountains at the weekend… would be bliss. Another pipe-dream.


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