Only six working days until I get some proper time off work – a long weekend away to the Lake District with family. Three nights, most properly in bunk beds, as we are hijacking my in-laws annual holiday to the Lakes. They are there for two weeks and have a spare room so we decided to take advantage of this and take a long but very cheap weekend away. I’m so glad that we are as I’m in need of a holiday, like now, but also the great thing about this is that I will be more relaxed before the big holiday in September. This means I won’t be stressed or wobbly before getting on a plane for 9 hours.

I will write more about the big holiday soon (once I have booked everything!) but the timing is working out well as I might be needed to help out with a conference in Dublin that work is organising. (Have I written about this before? Too lazy to search my own blog to find out). Hopefully as I will be relaxed and chilled out after my holiday then the few weeks building up to and the actual trip itself should be good. I’m hoping I won’t get too stressed or anxious about the whole thing and take it as an exciting trip out of the office. I’ve got to think about all the good things instead – nice hotel, nice scenery, might get to see some friends who live in the area. Positive thinking and fun, that’s what I have got to do from now on.


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