Little black dress and food

On the Times website there was an article and a lady wearing the same dress everyday for charity. Now before reading the article I thought God that is tough and what happens on laundry day. Sadly after reading the full article I didn’t think that all – she has seven dresses all the same made by a designer friend. The dress is black and the experiment is to see if she can wear it everyday, save money for a charity by doing so. The part that got me is that she can wear anything with the black dress – skirts, shorts, lots of accessories. Most of these have been donated (she has some good friends) or thrifted – but it doesn’t seem like a hard way to spend a year to me. Of course there is a blog with daily photos of each outfit and the fame that goes with this – news articles and most probably magazine articles or TV programmes. A much better way in the terms of charity is to wear just the one dress all time with a limited supply of accessories – like same poor people out there. When I think about it I wear jeans everyday with different tops and accessories so it’s not like she is running 30 marathons consecutively or swimming the Channel for charity.

Anyway, nothing to do with a little black dress but I had an eureka moment about food at 6.30pm today. I keep thinking (worrying, really) why I’m hungry and tired on the way home from work. Then I realised as I was waiting for the 6.33pm train and my belly was rumbling that I used to be home at that time of day in the old days. My hours are 9-5 and generally I always used to leave at 5.15pm and get home an hour later when dinner was almost ready. Watered and fed by 7pm. Nowadays I get in later and leave later – normally leaving the office between 6-7pm, which means having dinner around 8pm. No wonder I’m hungry when I leave the office and feel a bit weak when I get home. I either need to eat more during the day or I leave a bit earlier so I can get home for dinner like in the old days.


2 Responses to “Little black dress and food”

  1. 1 Cynical Scribble August 17, 2009 at 9:58 pm

    I always thought you work mad hours when I see some posts on twitter or here about not leaving work until 7ish!

    Couldn’t you get into work earlier so you can leave at 5ish again? Or is it just less hassle getting in later and avoiding the rush hour.

    PS: I’m going ‘little black dress’ hunting tomorrow 😉

    • 2 Michelle Best August 18, 2009 at 4:11 pm

      It is less hassle travelling later but my main problem is getting earlier for work as I have no enthusiasm for it at the moment. Maybe I should try tomorrow as an experiment for in work on time and leave at a nice time… hmmm we will see when the alarm goes off 🙂

      Good luck with the dress hunting!

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