Blogging on holiday

Not on your nellie! Well, not on my forthcoming long weekend away in the Lake District but that is mainly because of the lack of wifi in the area. Which is most probably a good thing for a holiday but sometimes it is handy to quickly check something online. So, I’m having a blogging holiday for a few days which hopefully will kick start my writing on here when I get back. I feel it has been a bit boring… all about me worrying and not enough exciting things.  I haven’t been expressing my views on current affairs or talking about music as often I as used to. Now I can see why people stops writing blogs after about a year or so (even months for some)… the ideas and the enthusiasm just stops.

It’s at times like this I wish I had a more exciting job with lots of travel – like being in a band. I could write about travel, music, new experiences, sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. That isn’t going to happen as I can’t sing for toffee and my piano lessons are going slowly. Elton John is safe for the foreseeable future as a famous piano playing singer! Saying that I might be going to Dublin and Paris for work in October and of course I have my holiday to Minnesota, in which I am really looking forward too! Not really looking forward to the flight but I can get past that by thinking of all the good things that will come my way on holiday like rest, laughter, friends, drinking, eating (lots of it), sightseeing, fresh air and driving on the wrong side of the road.  Holidays are great – just the anticipation of them is enjoyable.  Bon Voyage!


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