Quickly, oh so quickly

Quick, I’ve got fifteen minutes before I head out for the evening. So, I’m going to talk about how I’ve been feeling today (again, I hear you say!). Anyway, the morning was quite good and at only one point did I think “hang on I haven’t worried about something for a while”. Now for my point of view this is a good thing because it means I’m trying to control the worry. Lunch was good as my mum came to meet me and had a sandwich in a local church garden. Felt fine until I had to carry a heavy box downstairs to reception and while straighting back up from putting the box on the floor I felt all wobbly again. Once I get over my fear of going to the doctors I will get this sorted but in the meantime I will just worry about it or try to convince myself that it is to do with my tense neck/shoulder muscles. On that note I’m outta here and I’m going to partake in some drinking and eating as that is good for the soul.


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