Happy Friday!

Only two random things to write about today – firstly as part of my history course that I’m starting in October, it was recommended that I should read The Study Skills Handbook by Stella Cotterell. It’s actually a really good book for dipping in and out of and in one section it talks about the different parts of the brain for learning. Left brain – right brain. Left brain is logical: sequence, numbers, lyrics of songs, reasoning, names, sense of time. Right brain is Gestalt thinking: image, colour, imagination, emotion, tune and rhythm, seeing the whole. The list in the book is longer this but I didn’t want to bore my readers. Just from this list (no need for me to do a test for this) I know I’m a right brain thinker – image, colour, emotion, tune and rhythm are just me.

With music I was remember the rhythm and tune and I’m always drawn to the rhythm whereas I know friends who always talk about the lyrics first. Colour is very important to me as well. I can remember names, sometimes but not always – so at least I know the left brain is working now and again. Luckily, this book has lots of helpful tips for using both parts of the brain plus new techniques that I’ve not tried before. The second thought for today was this great animation about #followfriday on Twitter and actually mentions someone I know locally – he is famous! Enjoy and Happy Friday!

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