Fight or Flight

Sometimes it takes months and many readings for the brain to actually realise something. Today I was reading my study skills book and I was on the section about coping with stress. It talked about “how the brain interprets stress or anxiety as a danger and tries to help us by drawing the main resources of the body to the large muscles and producing extra adrenalin¬† so that we are in alert state, ready to run away”. It says that “being in survival mode is not very helpful for study”, and “if we don’t use up the adrenalin by moving the big muscles, we may feel tense, over-alert, easily distracted and unable to concentrate”. Now, I’ve read many articles about this to see if I can stop my worry, anxiousness and general wobbliness and the fight and flight response comes up a lot.

It only made sense this morning, I think that is partly because I did some yoga breathing exercises earlier before reading my book so I had a clearer mind than normal. The sense to know that I’m in a constant state of “fight and flight”, full of adrenalin explains the reasons behind my lack of motivation, lack of energy, feeling down, and most probably the dizziness that I feel sometimes. All this adrenalin is clouding my mind and I spend most of my time worrying about feeling odd or dizzy. All I’ve got to do now is try and change my mindset, stop the adrenalin until I really do need it…. I’ve just read this article on The Times and it’s interesting to read that after a “fight and flight” event has happened a person can feel “overwhelmed by exhaustion and despair”. I just feel like I’ve got a long way to go to feeling better – that’s not very optimistic is it now. I will get better and feel much happier very soon!


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