A Bank Holiday

The last few bank holidays I have planned that I was away for them, like in May – one weekend in the Lake District and the other in Cornwall. This was a great way of taking advantage of a long weekend otherwise it turns in to a long weekend like this August bank holiday has. Saturday was good as we had a picnic planned with friends but after that the rest of the weekend was basically a lot of sitting around feeling tired, feeling sorry for myself and generally not getting much done. I had great ideas for getting all my packing done for the holiday – all I managed was to lay out some clothes in to big piles. I definitely need to downsize the piles otherwise I won’t be able to buy anything new.

So, this is a good reminder that I need to book something for bank holidays – weekends away or incorporate a holiday around them. This almost makes me wonder how people entertain themselves while having a “staycation” (a word I detest). I find that if I’m at home for a day off work then I do nothing exciting. Instead I will put some clothes washing on, food shopping or just doing nothing except worrying about doing nothing. Worrying about worrying is a favourite past time of mine lately. The next bank holidays in the UK is at Christmas and New Year – how I would love to go away for the whole Christmas period but I’m not sure my family would like that.  It’s a shame as this bank holiday just feels like it was a waste of time off.


2 Responses to “A Bank Holiday”

  1. 1 pookiablo August 31, 2009 at 9:12 pm

    I know how you feel about this bank holiday just gone feeling like a big waste of time – I spent most of it in work and it was just like every other day. Next time I’m hitting the road and going somewhere fun! Of course by then it’ll be a lot colder…

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