Stuck on the sofa

One problem with feeling anxious all the time is that I spend too much time on the sofa normally with the laptop while my husband is watching something on the TV. Occasionally it is something that I will watch too but there is only so many times one can watch an action film that includes Van Diesel or Jason Statham in it. Half my problem is that I keep thinking back to when I was feeling a lot better in the mind and I would be at the dining table listening to music while writing this or upstairs reading. I’m not saying I was never sitting on the sofa watching TV but I was doing other things as well.

Then again, I’m sure there must be people out there who sit in front of the TV all evening even if they feel alright with life. I really wish I was more like those no-fear types who use up every minute of life doing something wild and exciting but alas that will never be me. Maybe once I accept that my life won’t be super exciting then I can get on with life and enjoy the things that I do like doing like getting back in to ice-skating or even walking. I can go walking now and half-way round I can feel a bit odd and my mind overtakes me and all I want to do is get home, where I feel safe. Enough of this boring, repetitive chat as I’ve only got one more day at work before my holiday! Happy days to come!


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