Normal duties will resume soon

I think tomorrow will be a better day for writing up my holiday experiences. Let’s hope the jet lag has subsided and I get some sleep tonight otherwise tomorrow will be another day of not doing much. Actually today I felt much worse than yesterday. Anyhow, I had a fabulous holiday and can’t wait to tell you all about it but I need a clear head to write it up. I almost felt relaxed on holiday and hopefully things will stay that way… maybe. The uncertainty of my role at work is plaguing me as that is changing. I think the uncertainty is because I wasn’t the one who initiated the change, the powers above are doing that.

I would just love to have a job and live in an area that makes me feel relaxed like I am on holiday but that isn’t real life as on holiday you don’t have the chores like food shopping or cooking or work. Scarily, I think alcohol helps me to chill out a lot but not too much drink as I hate hangovers and the lack of control that I have after a few too many. Then again, it could be that when drinking on holiday you are talking to other people and having a general good ole laugh. Laughter is the key and that is something adults don’t do enough, well I don’t anyway. Enough of this talk, I’m still in holiday mode – I’m going to look at my photos and think about the good memories.


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