My Minnesota Holiday – Part Uno

I’ve been meaning to write this for quite a few days now but just haven’t had the mental strength to get started. As with anything once you start it is easier to get the job done – it’s that whole getting started thing that causes me problems. Anyway, here is an account of my holiday to Minnesota – I had a fabulous time and would recommend anyone to visit if they get a chance.

The holiday started on Friday 4 September, leaving Heathrow Airport on a Delta/KLM/Northwest Airlines (so many names for one flight), which took just over 8 hours. It was a good flight and with enough films to watch with the on-demand telly screens it actually went quickly. This is a good thing as I’m not a great lover of flying. We arrived at St Paul International early evening local time and the sun was shining. Actually it was bloody hot – too hot for these two pale and pasty Brits. Still, just seeing the sun is good and our hotel was really nice. Graves 601 in Minneapolis was opposite the Target Center and around the corner from the main shops. After exploring the hotel and generally feeling exhausted we just went to the hotel bar. There we had some beers and snack food. We spent four nights in Minneapolis exploring the walkways and shops, the Sculpture Garden and the State Fair. The State Fair was over-whelming and I’m sure jet-lag didn’t help. It was fun to see, though, all the food, people, animals, food, rides, food. The best part was meeting up with two work colleagues and their families who live in the Midwest – I’ve not seen my colleagues since Jan 08 so it was wonderful to see them in real life again. Minneapolis was really quiet on the streets and we later found out that this was due to it being Labor Day weekend – most natives had left the city for the weekend. We had some good food and the best part was having cocktails made for me in the bars. We had an enjoyable time in the city but we was looking forward to getting out the see the countryside and Lake Superior. Part two tomorrow but here are some photos.

Cherry and Spoon BridgeUp Space Tower at the State FairOoh, butter anyone?Passing time at the The Local - Irish bar

View from outside the hotel


4 Responses to “My Minnesota Holiday – Part Uno”

  1. 1 Jessica September 20, 2009 at 9:38 pm

    Looks like you’re having a blast!! I’ve never been to MN…the pictures are great!

  2. 2 Kate W September 21, 2009 at 8:43 am

    I just love the butter sculpture. Why, I ask myself, why would anyone ever choose butter as a medium for sculpting?! Especially as you said it was quite hot. Maybe some before and after pics would be good!

  3. 3 Cynical Scribble September 21, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    Newcastle Brown…on tap? Jebus, do people actually drink that stuff?! I remember trying it once, when I was about 18, only because it came in a funny looking bottle. Boddingtons too, I don’t know why, but (like Newkie brown) I just never thought they’d have that over there.

    Like a small child I still think everything is different in every different country, when in fact its probably much the same!

  4. 4 Michelle Best September 23, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    Jessica – Thanks for your comment. It is a great place to visit.

    Kate – Yeah, I can’t understand why butter as well but they were fun to see.

    CS – I remember everyone drinking Newkie Brown when I was a student, maybe it was cheap, heck knows who drinks it now. Americans? We were surprised to see all those European beers in a bar out there, which was lucky as I don’t really like Bud 🙂

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