My Minnesota Holiday – part deux

The road trip. On Tuesday morning we got a taxi to the airport so we could pick up the hire car. Husband had requested for a large SUV type vehicle so he was more than pleased with having to choose from a selection of SUVs. From the airport we then drove north along Route 35 towards Duluth. The journey up north was so different from driving in the UK and not just because we was on the wrong side of the road. The roads are so much wider and everyone drives so much slower – stick an American on the M25 in rush hour and it would seem that they are stationary. It was easy to get out the city with a straight road up north. This made the journey so enjoyable for us, taking a leisurely drive through the country. After a few hours we arrived at Duluth, the port town on the edge of Lake Superior. It was magnificent to see Lake Superior through the industrial buildings at Duluth. We were staying at a converted brewery called Fitgers which also housed a micro brewery and various shops and restaurants. It was a lovely old building and the rooms were good too. Duluth is a nice port town and we had a good walk around the lake from the hotel to the Aerial Bridge. After two nights here and a lot of drinking of the local brew (and got the t-shirt too) we moved on to the Lutsen Resort, a couple of hours drive up north.

On the journey up with stopped off a few times at various State Parks and small towns. This was turning in to such a nice road trip. We arrived at the gorgeous Lutsen Resort which is right on the Lake with its own rocky beach. I had booked four nights here with the last night free but after such a good time at Lutsen we booked the last night there too. It wasn’t planned but there was a rather timely marathon going on nearby and my work friend Mike and his family were staying at the Lutsen Resort as well. No, I wasn’t running (as if!) but Mike was and he came 25th, which is bloody great especially as we had seen some of the route while walking the Superior Trail the day before. We spent our days hiking, visiting Grand Marais (a beautiful small town), eating, drinking, relaxing, laughing, talking and generally enjoying ourselves. It was wonderful to meet up with Mike and meet his gorgeous family, also having someone who knows the area is a bonus. On the last day before coming home we did a bit of shopping for gifts and I got myself some quilt squares from a quilt shop – lets see if I can actually get around to making a quilt. Then in the afternoon, husband went kayaking while I read my book on the beach. The lake is so huge compared to anything in the UK that is was like looking at the sea and there is something so therapeutic about sitting by water. The weather was in the 80s for most of the holiday, even on the day when the fog came in, it was still warm out. I’m sure I’d bored a few with my moanings about the heat but seeing the sun is wonderful (a vitamin D fest!). The journey home was uneventful and now I’m feeling blue about being back at home and work but I do have some wonderful memories and photos. Here are some more photos as well on flickr.

FitgersDuluthLake SuperiorPaddlingSunset at Grand MaraisRocky beachThe gorgeous lake


2 Responses to “My Minnesota Holiday – part deux”

  1. 1 mysticaljett September 28, 2009 at 4:03 am

    I love the pics. It looks really kewl up there.

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