Is it really Friday?

I’ve spent most of this week with either a day missing or maybe the week just whizzed by that suddenly Friday is here and I’m like “hell, how did that happen?”.  I’m not really sure I can blame jet-lag for this (maybe I should) or the fact that I spent three days working at home. Anyway, this is better than thinking it was Friday on Thursday – so I’m quite glad that it is Saturday tomorrow. Not a whirlwind of a weekend planned but I’m hoping to get some stuff done instead of sitting on my arse like I did last weekend. A piano lesson and a haircut booked for tomorrow and I’ve got some history homework to start on before my class starts next week. I’m going to Dublin for a work conference on Friday so I’ve got to find my smart work clothing and do some ironing for that.

There is two other things that I would like to do this weekend: running and yoga breathing. I need to stop my procrastination and get back to living my life. I especially need to do this with my upcoming course and this event that I’m helping with. Not my normal work so I’m slightly apprehensive on how it will go. I think that is enough things to do this weekend. One other thought before I finish off – after my holiday to Lake Superior I really need to move out to the countryside. Either the Lake District or further out in to the depths of Essex or Hertfordshire. I feel I need fresher air and views to die for to make me feel calm. I doubt it will make me stop worrying but maybe happier. Now to persuade my husband that this is a good idea or I might just put the house up for sale anyway. Happy Friday!!


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