Too busy talking

I’ve been on the phone so much this evening talking to various friends that again I haven’t got a ‘proper’ post to upload tonight. During the course of the day I have many ideas/rants for my little blog but lately as soon as I get round to writing it I’m either too tired or bloomin’ can’t remember what I was going to write about. So everyone just gets these boring posts of me apologising or making up excuses for not writing anything interesting.

Still I will have some interesting times coming ahead as my history course starts tomorrow, I’m off to Ireland on Friday to help out with an event that work is organising and I have a new role at work that will be finalised soon. These three things could be either very good or very bad but I’m hoping my confidence will appear so they will be good. Positive thinking! In other news, I’ve realised that I’ve still got some issues to sort out though. While talking to one of my friends who I haven’t talked to in a while and I was telling her about my kidney tests that I had last year and I could feel myself welling up with tears. Most bizarre as I thought that was in the past and I had dealt with it but obviously not. Oh well, time for some deep breathing before bed.


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