The nights are drawing in

It is just before 7pm and it is dark out. I like autumn and the changing seasons except for the nights are drawing in. It feels like bed time as soon as I have finished dinner – it does feel a bit depressing. Still today was a good day and it was nice to see autumn on its way. We had a nice walk around a local nature park and managed to pick the last of the blackberries while admiring the leaves that had turned red and brown. Once we got back I set about making butternut squash soup for the first time. As it is with most soups it was very easy to make and tasted yummy. It had no cream in it so it was super healthy. I’ll be making that again for sure.

I then spent the afternoon watching Calamity Jane while tidying up the bedroom after I had just dumped my stuff from the Dublin trip all over the place. Yesterday I bought a quilted throw that was in the sale at my local department store (Roomes of Upminster) and it is duck egg blue with a rose pattern on it. It doesn’t really go with the current decoration of the room but this is the start of a new decorating plan. I keep seeing it on the bed and it just makes me smile. Another highlight of the day was that after six years I finally got my sewing machine out of the box! All spanking brand new and I spent an hour setting it up. Stupidly I feel quite pleased with myself for getting the machine out and having a play with some sewing. Now I need a project to start so I can get my sewing skills bang up to date.


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