On my journey home tonight I realised I have been commuting in to London for over eleven years now. My jobs before were all the local area so the longest commute was about 40 minutes. Since 1998 my journey has been from one hour or just over depending on trains and how fast I walk. Luckily, or very good planning depending on how you look at it, I have always lived within walking distance to a tube or railway station. My parents live a ten minute walk away from the District Line and from there I would get the tube to Mile End and change for the Central Line. Nowadays, I avoid the Central Line like the plague as it is so hot on there. I can’t believe that I did that journey for so long but then I suppose I didn’t know any better. Since leaving home both of my homes have been near a mainline station, which meant getting a fast train to a mainline station and then jumping on the tube, this time either the Metropolitan, District or Circle Line.

The journey I take now is the most comfortable with air conditioned trains that take 22/25 minutes in to the City and a quick walk to Tower Hill for the District Line. I’ve always said that I enjoy commuting in to London as it is the only time I read and I’ve never complained about it unless the trains are ‘up the spout’ but after eleven years I’m rapidly changing my mind. I’m finding the crowdiness of the trains annoying, the cost, the tiredness I feel when I get home and the wasted two hours a day. I reckon I only read for about 30 minutes a day if I’m lucky – the tube is normally busy so I’m standing up most of the time. Also, I keep thinking about all the things I could do instead like have a proper breakfast in the morning at home, go for a run in the evening and still have the energy to cook dinner. I will always love London and I won’t stop ever enjoying the buzz that I get from it but I need to work out what I want from a job and the commute and see if the company I work for will accomodate my ideas (when I have the guts to ask, that is) or to find a new career that has a less of a commute.

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  1. 1 mysticaljett October 16, 2009 at 6:12 pm

    You know, an hour commute is a long time no matter how much you enjoy it. And to be doing it for that long… I can see where you would tire of it and change your mind. Hope you can find something a little less time consuming for you.

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