How lucky?

Through the power of Twitter, as I like to say or the ‘power of grayskull’ if you had a younger brother who liked to watch He-Man a lot, I was draw to this article about being lucky. As a born pessimistic I would say without thinking that I was an unlucky person but nowadays I’m changing my mind. A lot of the time I will say “that was lucky” say, if I just catch the train or miss the rain while walking to work. According to the article people who are unlucky are normally feeling lots of anxiety so they missed the unexpected – ie. the hole in the pavement causing them to fall.  I’ve been trying to feeling more lucky with what I have so I say “that was lucky” to myself a lot more and it does feels like it is working.

I’m taking more of a note when I have a good day and don’t feel wobbly. I’m appreciating when things go well and the odd win on the premium bonds. I still have bad days, actually I find the mornings worse (which I’ve read is a common problem with anxiety) but I’m coming to learn that everyone has good and bad days, not just me. As it is a Friday I thought I would end on a funny note, the same ‘twit’ that tweeted out the lucky article also asked this question “Bibles in hotel: Good idea, bad idea or don’t care?” – I replied with don’t care. Then the ‘twit’ did a retweet of a reply which was just hilarious. “Good idea. Wherever I find one, I ‘autograph’ it: “All the best! – God“. Happy Friday everyone!


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