Thoughts of the day

My dispirited thoughts of the day actually, well that’s a lie as I was only dispirited for the morning but when feeling blue, a morning can feel like a lifetime. Okay, I know it is a Monday and most Monday mornings are not always nice but today just seemed awful. I think it was a mixture of things that caused it: PMT, lack of sleep, a headache and the ‘do I have to go to work’ feeling. When I’m like this I feel so weak that I thought it would be best to get to work a little bit later and have my breakfast at home – which worked but I still felt ‘off’ when I got to work. After lunch, some chatting in the virtual work world and a few phone calls, I felt tons better about everything.

When I leave work I feel enthusiastic about what I need to get done the next day but I know that tomorrow I will feel the same and struggle through the morning again. Maybe tomorrow will be different. Maybe an early night will help (but only if I can get to sleep early). There are too many maybes to write about or even think about. I’m sure it’s not always about work but I trying to think back to last year when I was so motivated about work and enjoyed going in to the office everyday. I know environments change and people change but it would be nice to go back to early last year when I felt so much better about everything.  Wow, that was cheery… must think of more fun things to write about.


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