Over the past few years I have been to the theatre to watch a variety of musicals. I have seen these with my girl friends or with my mum and her friends. And what a difference there is with going out with these two groups. I love my friends but everything is much more sedate with them. No meeting beforehand for a few drinks and hardly any drinks at the interval except me of course (and my best friend sometimes). Now my mum’s friends are a lot different – drinks all round! On Thursday afternoon I went to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the Cambridge Theatre with them.

Firstly, I meet them in the pub where they had had lunch with a bottle of wine. I had time for cheesecake and half pint shandy – I was thirsty and daytime drinking is tough for me. As soon as we got into the theatre one of my mum’s friends ordered drinks for the interval. Another bottle of wine, a G&T and a bottle of beer for me. They are a real good laugh and the show was fantastic, the best musical I have ever seen. Great costumes, excellent singing and Jason Donovan as the one of the lead rolls, made for a fabulous afternoon away from work. I would recommend anyone in the UK to go and see it, I’m hoping to go again with my friends and hopefully get them to have a few ‘Priscilla’ cocktails at the interval.

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