Did you miss me?

I doubt it with the million other bloggers out there but enough of this self-doubt. I didn’t really miss writing my blog which is a bit strange as it is has been part of my life for the past 18 months. On the train journey on the way home from London today I decided that I will continue to write my blog but without the guilt that I have to write everyday. With history class, teaching myself to sew with using my sewing machine, a new role at work to get my head around, and general life, I need to give myself some time off from writing everyday.

I had a nice week off and boy, didn’t it go by quickly. Last weekend and this weekend I did a workshop for textiles printing, which was fun and made me realise how exciting screen printing is (I will write more about that soon) but I still had moments of self-doubt, nervousness and either panic attacks or low blood sugar (I can’t decide on that on yet). I think that half my problem with learning new things is self-doubt – I don’t believe I’m good enough or the teacher is lying about things that I do are good etc etc. This sort of feeling just makes the whole occasion tiring and I’m sure I don’t enjoy the learning as much as I should. Tomorrow is another day and back to work I go – I’m half looking forward to it (catching up with friends mainly). Going back in to the office I’m not looking forward to and dealing with work, also means another trip in to London… boo, hiss!


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