What I did at the weekend

No horror story here, just a lot of creative printing on to fabrics. I won’t bored everyone with the full details (here are the details for the course) but it was an interesting and inspiring workshop. Two things that I didn’t really enjoy – travelling back in to London on a Saturday and Sunday for two weekends and my own self-doubt over my art skills. I learnt about two types of dyes – reactive and pigment dyes and the process for mixing them, painting with them and block/screen printing. The hardest part was trying to think what to do with the dyes – and then spending most of my time looking at everyone else’s and thinking “wish I had thought of that”. Also, I had problems with transferring my ideas on to paper/fabric. The tutor (Charlotte Hardy, an artist herself) actually did say that a course that she is holding later on this month helps with this by exploring different design techniques on paper for designing textiles. Maybe next year I will do that course.

Here are some photos of my printed fabrics – the green leaf one I might make in to a cushion and hopefully I will buy some dyes to keep trying trying out my ideas.



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