Since starting my history class about six weeks ago I been trying really hard to get back in to swing of studying. When I did my Web Design course last year I studied every Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed the course, then I signed up for the Web Applications course with the OU afterwards. That course didn’t go as well due to anxiety that I had during most of the 12 weeks of the course. By the summer I was feeling a bit better and decided to try a different college and a different subject.  History being the case this time round – Medieval history to be precise. The course is two hours a week after work at the London School of Economics.

I’m enjoying the course but I can’t seem to get in to the whole homework issue. The tutor isn’t setting any particularly homework like writing an essay but I feel it is expected that we read up for the next subject. This is the part that I can’t seem to do – the extra reading. I’ve always been rubbish at homework so it doesn’t surprise me that I’m still like it now. Also, I’ve got the added dilemma that I can now resubmit the Web Applications final piece if I so wish. I knew this was coming up but originally thought it would be over the summer but alas 23rd December is date for submission and I only got the final project workbook two weeks ago. Along, with Christmas and my new found interest in fabrics I don’t really know where to start. I don’t want to spend too much time thinking about it as that will cause me stress and also wasting valuable time for getting things done.


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