Rain, rain and more rain

It hasn’t stopped raining up North, in particular in my favourite part of the world, Cumbria. Floods, collapsing bridges, one death and thousands with flood damaged homes. Most of the general public (via Twitter) only know of these places that are flooded because of Cockermouth and all the snickering that goes with that name. From someone who loves that area it is really sad to see the flooding but it still wouldn’t stop me from living in that area. Not really Cockermouth but more in the Newlands Valley near Keswick. Keswick has now been flooded twice since I have come to love this place. Maybe I would need to buy a place on a bit of a hill or it could mean the house prices could fall in the area.

As with most tourist areas the house prices are more expensive than where I live now.  Most people move out to the countryside so they can buy a bigger house but without the extra expense. If I moved to the Lake District I would end up with a bigger mortgage and most probably not much more space. Ahh, but the mountains and the fresh air, it would be lovely and maybe a small boat in case of flooding.


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