Havin’ a bit of cash helps

I was reading about Lily Allen’s career break this evening – at the grand old age of 24 she is taking a few years off from recording and performing to do other things. How nice that would be to have the opportunity to take a few years off ‘normal work’ to try out other jobs or hobbies. Of course having a bit of cash lying around the house helps. No mortgage must help too. Of course having a father who is wealthy as well helps. Most muggles would have to save up for at least a year to be able to take a few months off work.

What would I do if I magically could take a year or so off work. Well, for starters I would spend a few weeks doing nothing and chilling. Sorting my mind out basically. Then I would spend a good few months on a road trip across America in a RV. Of course having some extra cash to send all the goodies that I could buy back home. After that I would move to a house that had an outbuilding so I could practice my fabric designing skills, not that I would be any good but it would be fun to try. Moving to the Lake District would be good as well – ooh, a farm house with lots of outbuildings. From the new base I would then spend some time travelling around the UK visiting all those beautiful places that I’ve been too before however never spent long enough there. Of course, after all that it would be back to work although with a renewed feeling for the job (one would hope).


1 Response to “Havin’ a bit of cash helps”

  1. 1 mysticaljett December 4, 2009 at 4:00 am

    I’m not good at doing ‘nothing’. I might take a couple weeks off but then I’d be itching to be doing something. And I think it is always a mistake – especially more so for artists – to think you can lay down your craft for an extended period of time and just come back to it. It’s never seems to be the same when you come back and also later you realize just how precious time is. Then again, being a muggle, I have to worry about the money.

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