A long week

This week seems to have gone on forever and not necessarily in a good way. In theory it should had been a good week with tickets to see Eddie Izzard on Monday night. Unfortunately as the week went on it just seemed to get worse. That is a bit of an exaggeration as I’m sure there are people are out who have had worse weeks than me but every now and again we all have rubbish weeks even if the problems are minor.

Eddie Izzard was good – intellectual humour as I like to call his style but going out late on a Monday night and not feeling particularly great about travelling on the train on the way home didn’t really set up the week. Tuesday I had my doctors appointment which stressed me out on top of all my other stresses. From there on I haven’t been able to get to sleep properly and meant I had real trouble getting up in the mornings. It is always the mornings that make it tough to do anything. By the evening I’m feeling a lot better about life and stuff. So, with the lack of sleep, feeling anxious every morning (so much that I had a terrible time even getting to the station and worked at home instead), and today I’ve had a headache for most it, this has been a really long week. Roll on the weekend. Happy Friday!


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