Coin flip

I was going to write ‘tossing a coin’ as the title but when I wrote it down it just seemed rude (such my childish mind). Earlier today I thought maybe flipping a coin would help me decide on what to do with my life – heads I will stick it out at work or tails I get a new job. It came up tails which still didn’t really help me as I don’t think I have the mental energy to go for job interviews. There is also the slight problem of what job to do if I did go for a new job. I like my job for the most part but I’m not sure this is the career that I want for the rest of my life.

Thus, there lies the problem, I don’t know what my lifelong career is. I don’t have one thing that I’m really good at. I would like a job that I feel creative in – going back to my roots of art and design. So how to do this for a job? Become self-employed and try to motivate myself to do something creative everyday. I do wonder how people make a living from the arts but they must do. The fear of not making any money is what is putting me off from doing this. Or the fear of change. Another fear to add to my many others.

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