Cookies and the world of sticking things

This afternoon we entertained my nieces (age 9 and 7) along with my sister-in-law and the charming little man who is my nephew (age 20 months). My main idea was to bake cookies and let the kids decorate them. As always with these ideas that seemed great at the time, when it came to this morning I was having second thoughts. With all the snow around it was hard thinking about baking when I wanted to either sit in front of the fire and TV or go outside and make a snowman. After lunch I got on with making the cookies – I had to find an American recipe online as us Brits don’t really make cutout cookies. Of course we call cookies biscuits just to add to the confusion while looking for recipes. Luckily I found this one on that had a handy converter to change all the measurements into metric. One problem with that was that it changed all the small qualities are well – eg. two teaspoons = 5 ml – I still use old school tsp and tbsp measurements.

After getting arm ache from mixing the butter with the sugar I’ve decided that I would like an electric mixer for my birthday in January. The baking went down well, with each niece taking it in turns to use the cookie cutters and then I would bake them. After that it was more fun with coloured icing and ‘hundreds and thousands’ on the cookies. I don’t mind mess so it was nice to see the kids having fun. The only mess left is all in the kitchen! As well as baking, my sister-in-law also brought some stickers and other bits for gluing on to plain christmas crackers. Then I found my card making stuff and my nieces sat about sticking and hole punching cards. After some homemade pizza they departed for home in the snow and ice. A great afternoon was had by all and now I’m enjoying the peace and quiet with a few drinks.


1 Response to “Cookies and the world of sticking things”

  1. 1 Kate W December 19, 2009 at 9:08 pm

    Sounds brilliant! I want to see pictures of the results!

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