Monday – a good day

I’m too busy watching The Wedding Singer to concentrate on writing today’s piece. I was going to write about all the nice things I’ve been baking or would like to bake but don’t feel I can do that justice now. Maybe tomorrows will be on the baking efforts. Today has felt like a good day which is nice after yesterday felt like a bad day. I work for a great company as my bosses have agreed to my request for working at home more until I feel better about travelling on trains and generally just being out of my comfort zone. The one great thing about working at home is that I’m able to cook more, which in turns means I can eat earlier and than get more done in the evenings like walking in the snow (how silly!).

Other good things about today: getting some new rye whiskey for the Christmas holidays; more snow falling; talking with friends and listening to cool Christmas music (not that rubbish stuff that is played in every shop at this time of year). I’ve also discovered that the BBC has some great stuff about anxiety and mental well-being. It’s good to know that I’m not alone. With Christmas only four days away, it has got to that stage that I just can’t wait for it to be over with but oddly I’ve got plans for gifts for next year. More homemade gifts like sweets and chutney. If I do I will have to get more organised next year.


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